Crystal Properties

Not sure which crystal will be the right one for you? Or do you just want some more information about them? You’re on the right page in that case! Here you can find a short description of each crystal (well, every crystal on the website, not every crystal in the world :p). Feel free to request a crystal that should be added to this page!

!Disclaimer: do not use crystals instead of medical help. If you’re really struggling, please seek help from a professional. Crystals can help, but they won’t fully solve a problem! 

Agate (in general)

There are a lot of kinds of agate. These properties apply to all of them. Agate is a grounding and stablizing crystal. It’s a stone of realism, which can help navigate through difficult daily situations, this can lead to growing yourself. 

Moss agate

Moss agate stand for growth, including growth in garden and plants. You can lay a tumble of moss agate with your plants as an example.


Amazonite can help you with confidence and standing up for yourself. It’s also said to help with creativity, and it helps with communication and expressing emotions towards other people or yourself.


This crystal can help you release past relationships, to welcome new growth in your life. Mindfullness is also one of its properties.


Aquamarine is often said to be seen as a representation of the sea, it used to be carried by sailors to protect against dangers on the water such as drowning. Other then this it cleanses energy and brings peace to mind and body.


Any kind of aventurine can ease emotional pain. It also helps with growing your cognition and intellect. Besides this it’s great to help you find opportunities in life. Aventurine can be found in a range of colors.


Bloodstone is great for overcoming obstacles. Next to this it can give you prosperity and open new doors in your life. This can be of many aspects in life, relationships, work, other opportunities, ...


Calcite comes in different colors. Blue calcite is a healing crystal, it lets you send energy to others.


The best properties of carnelian are that it brings confidence, motivation and succes. But it also has some other properties, it can help with creativity and giving you energy. 


Celestite helps you connect with humans or animals, and encourages spiritual enlightenment. It helps develop confidence in your own magical abilities, because of this it’s great to have it when your trying a spell for the first time as an example. It also helps you cool down heavy emotions.


This crystal mainly stands for joy, warmth, connection and positive energy. It also strengthens your will to achieve a certain goal. 

Dalmation Jasper

This stone brings out energy when danger is close. It calms obsessive thoughts and helps with easing your worrying. Also helps with creating a carefree attitude.


Fluorite is known to provide structure, is grounding, and helps you concentrate (great for studying or reading something).


Garnet is a crystal of love, passion and sexuality. It represents part of the heart.


Howlite helps acces other dimensions and times. If you’re familiar with shifting, it’s a great stone for this. It brings peace to an overactive mind. Next to this it brings soft, soothing energy.


Pyrite is mostly know for money, prosperity, richness, luck and succes. It can never hurt to carry some pyrite with you ;)


Also Jasper comes in a lot of different kinds. These properties go for all kinds of jasper. Jasper has a protective energy, it gives you a feeling of safety and stability.


Besides the general properties, it also helps with making important desicions about the future and having a fresh idea on certain situations.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is a solid, stabilizing crystal. It brings balance and helps you keep your feed on the ground.


Kunzite can give you clear, prophetic dreams and helps remember them. It also carries ideas with it.


This crystal helps you attract the right people in your life at the right time. It can also help you find your soulmate and people who will have a purpose in your life. Definitely an essential crystal!


Labradorite is a stone of growth, it can help you bring unknown abilities up or enhance your natural abilities.


Lepidolite is known for it’s peace and calmness. It cleans energy and allows growth in your life.


Malachite can help you start new beginnings, it brings changes in your live and helps you transform yourself. It’s a stone for growing in life (breaking unhealthy relationships, helping with ending things that are bad for you).


Logical for it’s name, moonstone stands for lunar power and connection with moon goddesses. It helps with lasting emotional love, helps with problems in relationships and sensuality.

Petrified wood

Petrified wood helps you understand humans and life. Having trouble understanding emotions of other people or sign in life? This is the stone for you.


Prehnite helps you with unconditional love for yourself and others. It also helps search for your true live purpose. 


Obsidian is a very protective stone, it will show you the truth about things that need to change in life. Wether this is about relationships, friendships, work, or maybe even things about you personally.


Opal helps you recall your past life(s) and brings inner beauty. It can also absorbs energy and send it back to the source.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can strengthen any crystals properties or intentions, it can also clear aways stagnant energy.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz may be on of the most popular crystals. It helps you with love in all forms, wether it be self love, love for friends, family or romantic partners. It also encourages your self esteem and helps find an emotional connection with people.

Smokey Quartz

This crystal helps you combat sadness. Next to this it also alleviates feelings of emptyness.


A really handy thing about selenite is that is cleanses and charges other crystals. Because of this it has the ability to clear negative energy. 


Serpentine helps you with communicating thoughts towards others or yourself. It can also give you a feeling of personal power.


Sodalite is great for people that struggle with communication, it encouraging you to share ideas. It’s also associated with logic and intellect (perfect for students).


Sunstone can give out positivity, warmth and growth. It let’s you break free of negative energies and let’s you help be your authentic self. Lastly it can also give you more confidence.

Tiger eye

Tiger eye is great for helping you with manifesting your goals. Besides this it also has properties of giving you pride, integrity and helping with justice (for example making good descisons).

Tourmaline (general)

Any kind of tourmaline will help you with being protected from being drained by other people’s emotions. It’s a great stone for an empath. Similar to this, it also helps protect your own aura.


Unakite resonates with people who love animals and nature. It will strengthen the bond between you and familiar animals.